Building Systems for Continuous User Feedback w/Tali Gueta

Show Notes

Finding PMF requires correctly identifying user pain points and solving them with a product. We’re hosting Tali Gueta, VP Product at Acumen.io, to help us break this down.

Topics covered:

  • Intro on Tali (00:40)
  • Why is collecting user input so important? (03:10)
  • What type of startup should be doing collecting user feedback? (05:07)
  • Define the hypothesis & user interviews (06:46)
  • Common methods of collecting user feedback (08:11)
  • When to segment your users even more? (10:15)
  • Incentives for users to agree to interview (12:29)
  • How to store interview data properly? (16:18)
  • How to get niche audiences to agree to interview? (23:29)
  • Building communities for feedback (25:17)
  • Automating the process of feedback (28:15)

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